“Food” for good health

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“Food” is one of the factors of human life and race, including eating, sleeping, reproduction and excretion. From the knowledge that has been studied continuously It made us know that “food” is related to good health in eating it. We tend to choose to dine with delicious appearance, beautiful colors, aromas and delicious flavors. But we tend not to take into account the value of nutrients. That the body received, and indeed Eating for good health then. It is not necessary that the food has to be expensive.

Healthy food will keep you healthy. And can also prevent many serious diseases, or we may say If we eat as you please It will cause our health to be bad สมัคร ufabet.

Therefore, the quality diet guidelines And correct that is Eating all 5 food groups

1. Starch : rice, bread, potatoes, beans, corn and various grains. These foods provide nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It provides energy to the body, along with vitamins, B, calcium, iron, we should be mainly eating this group of foods. Which must consume 50% of the total food

2. Vegetables are the food sources that provide minerals and vitamins, green leafy vegetables provide vitamin CEK and folic acid.

3. This category of fruit is low in fat. These foods are low in fat, vitamins and minerals. Yellow fruits are given betacarotene, however foods in this category. We should be able to eat it every day.

4. The meat category provides protein and vitamin ABD 1 2. Which has protein as well Let’s focus on fish, eggs, nuts and milk.

5. Fat category : oil, butter, salad, condensed juice, cookies, cakes, this category provides high energy This type of food should be avoided. And should not be eaten too much

In addition, there are principles and (not so secret) principles and tips for healthy eating as follows:

  • Variety of fruits and vegetables that are interchanged all the time.
  • Fruits and vegetables, adequate (about 2 cups per day).
  • Skim milk. Or various products About 3 cups of skim milk a day
  • •  Eat curd. To help excretion
  • Try to eat fruit juice regularly.
  • In children aged 2-8 years should drink 2 glasses of milk a day and children over 9 years should drink 3 glasses of milk per day.
  • Eat at least 1 handful of whole grains per day.
  • Different fruits and vegetables provide different nutritional values, so we have to switch between them each week.
  • Try eating brown rice. Or unpolished rice
  • In eating meat foods. Should eat meat that is not fat.