Vallejo believes Madrid-Frankfurt game will be exciting

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Jesus Vallejo expects a beautiful and exciting game in the clash between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt. in the hunt for the European Super Cup trophy on Wednesday.

Real Madrid defender Jesus Vallejo expects a beautiful football match against Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Super Cup in Helsinki Finland on Wednesday, as reported by Marca on Monday. 

Vallejo has ties with Eintracht Frankfurt. To some extent, after moving from Real Madrid to the Reds and Blacks on loan for the 2016-17 season, the Whites face off against his former ufabet club for the first trophy of the season. 

‘I hope this will be a beautiful final with two teams playing quality football. I think there will be a lot of chances to score goals. And it will be an exciting game. We are in good form After a great season we had last year and Eintracht are a great team as well. They are doing very well in the Bundesliga. and win the Europa League’

The 25-year-old defender also said of his time playing with the Red-Black Eagles, adding: ‘I still have many friends in Frankfurt like Stefan Godd, David Abraham or Rafa Francisco, I have never been to Frankfurt. since I left But I still have the link there.’

Bayejo also spoke about the change of Frankfurt said: ‘It has changed a lot since the day I was there. Because they only have two players there, Makoto Hasebe and Timmy Chandler, the system is still similar with the three centre-backs where some half become five defenders, that’s what we do. practicing right now How to fight the system is both proactive and defensive.’